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A Consortium fostering the evidence-based diagnosis & management of orofacial pain and jaw disorders

Our goal is to advance the scientific knowledge of temporomandibular disorders (TMD), orofacial pain, and jaw disorders through scientifically developed diagnostic tools based on standardized assessment.  These tools are intended to be applicable to both research and clinical settings, including international use, multi-site and cross-cultural research studies. We review progress at our  annual meetings and international consensus workshops. Please contact us if you are interested in participating in our activities; our past meetings will give you an idea of what we do. The core tool that established the Consortium, the Research Diagnostic Criteria for Temporomandibular Disorders (RDC/TMD), remains a model for pain research. That tool is now replaced by the DC/TMD (2014) for both clinical and research use.  The next wave of research regarding TMDs and how they are conceptualized will be conducted using the DC/TMD as well as other research tools that will be posted on this site.  Our methods include population studies, clinical epidemiology and clinical trials, and experimental human studies.


DC/TMD Examiner Training Courses (3/17/2016).  The next course in Malmö, Sweden is not yet announced.  Watch this space for further announcements.  

DC/TMD examination videos (3/15/2016). The English language version was released in 2014 and published via MedEdPORTAL.  That version has now been accompanied by a Swedish language version, to be released soon on the website. Others are encouraged to develop other language versions or to consider how the English language version can be modified with menu-selected sub-titles.   See the DC/TMD page for further information.

An Executive Summary of the DC/TMD has been published (3/15/2016). This publication was developed for the target audience of the general dentist.  It is available at JADA as online-before-print.  

Consortium activities at IADR-Seoul, Republic of South Korea (3/15/2016). Secretary/Treasurer Justin Durham mailed out an announcement to all Consortium members today regarding activities by the Consortium during June 20-25.  More information here.

Website Updates

(3/16/2016) Translations of the DC/TMD are ongoing, and 5 have been completed and will be posted in the near future.  See Translation Master List (within DC/TMD menu).

(3/15/2016) A survey of Consortium members was conducted last fall by the Communications Committee, and a final report has been prepared for the Executive Committee. Watch this space for further information for upcoming changes to the website.

(3/19/2016) Examiner Training and Calibration page is now updated for the DC/TMD, located as a submenu on the DC/TMD main menu.  The RDC/TMD training page and its resources are retained for archival purposes but are now located as a submenu on the RDC/TMD main menu.


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